Guest List


Celebrating Robin and Ruth’s 50th Wedding Anniversary will be a very special occasion and we do not want anyone left out.


Following is the list of names of everyone that was mailed a “Save the Date” announcement.


If you notice that we have failed to include someone that would like to come, please don’t hesitate to let them know about the event. You can direct them to this website where they can get all the information they need to attend. You can also let us know by following the links on the RSVP and Contacts page.


Robin and Ruth have touched many lives over the past 50 years and we want this invitation to be a very open one.


Guests include:   Family, friends and neighbors      

All former One Way Singers

All former and current members of Hebron Baptist Church, Denham Springs, LA

All former members of Boy Scout Troop 11, Denham Springs, LA

All members of First Christian Church, Harrison, AR

All members of Boxley Baptist Church, Boxley, AR

All members of First Baptist Church, Kingston, AR

Co-workers at North Arkansas College, Harrison, AR

Searcy High Class of 1956

Searcy High Class of 1957


Mr & Mrs Chad Abbott and Family

Mr & Mrs Kyle  Abbott

Mr & Mrs  Ken Aime

Mr & Mrs  Gordon Amidon and Family

Mr & Mrs Devon Anderson

Mr & Mrs Michael Angel and Caleb

Mr & Mrs Arthur Anglin and Family

Don & Dora Sue Annello

Steve Arledge and Family

Mr & Mrs Brian  Averett

Mr Dick  Averett

Mr & Mrs Joey Averett

Mr & Mrs Malcolm Averett and Family

Mr & Mrs Ray Averett and Family

Mr & Mrs  Richard Averett

Mr Paul Babcock  and Michelle

Mr & Mrs  Jack Bankston

Mr & Mrs Eric Barclay

Hayden Barclay and Kristy

Mrs  Georgia Barnett and Family

Ms  Gina Barnett and Family

Mr & Mrs Billy Bean

Mr & Mrs Jimmy Bell and Family

Mr & Mrs Wesley Bennett and Family

Mrs Howard Black and Family

Ms Jane Blount and Family

Becky Bolin

Mrs Amy  Bourgeois and Jerry Dean

Mr & Mrs Donny Breaux

Mr & Mrs R J Breedlove

Millard and Dot Broussard

Theresa and John Broussard

Vivian and Mary Broussard

 Mr & Mrs Jordon Broyles

Mr & Mrs Wade Broyles and Family

Mr Darren Brumfield

Mrs Karen Brumfield

Mr & Mrs Todd Brumfield and Family

Mr & Mrs Troy Brumfield and Family

Mr & Mrs John Burnette

Mrs Al Calaus

Mr & Mrs Alvin Callais and Family

Mr & Mrs Hubert Campbell

Mr & Mrs Johnathon Campbell and Family

Mr & Mrs Dalton  Carpenter and Family

Mr & Mrs Joe Carr

Mike Carter

Mr & Mrs Doug Chandler and Family

Mr & Mrs Curtis Childers and Family

Mr & Mrs Danny  Childers and Family

Mr Tim Crain

Mr & Mrs Wayne Crotwell and Family

Mr & Mrs Brett Crow and Family

Ms Janine Crow

Mr & Mrs  Kenneth Crow

Mr & Mrs Olen Crow

Mr & Mrs Son Crow

Ms Beth  Dale

Mr & Mrs Leslie  Dale

Mr & Mrs Marty Dale

Mr & Mrs Robin Dale

Ms Amber Davis

Mr Andy Davis

Mr & Mrs Donald Davis

Mr & Mrs Jimmy Davis and Tim

Ms Karen Davis and Family

Ms LuAnn  Davis  and Emily

Mr & Mrs Don Dewey

Donald Duke

Mr & Mrs Charles Dungan and Family

Mr & Mrs Cecil Dyess

Mr & Mrs Darryl Dyess

Mr & Mrs Jim Edwards

Mr & Mrs Phil Estelle and Family

Ms Hazel Evans

Pat Fossler

Mrs & Mrs Fred Fossler and Family

Mr & Mrs Ronnie Foster and Family

Mr & Mrs Don  Freeman and Family

Mr & Mrs Steve Gallagher

Mr & Mrs Dennis Garcia and Family

Mr & Mrs Matthew Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Linus and Ruby Garrison

Mr. Dennis Garrison

Mr David Gary

Mr & Mrs Richard Gary and Family

Mrs Brenda Gates and Eric

Mr & Mrs Joel Gayle and Ashliegh

Mrs Nancy Gossack

Niel & Marsha Guidry & Family

Mr & Mrs Larry Guitreau and Family

Ms  Gail Hall and Family

Ms Jerelyn Hall and Family

Ms Becky  Haney

Ms Edie Hannah

Mr & Mrs  Bradley Harris

Mr & Mrs Cecil Harris and Family

Mrs Dolores Harris

Mr & Mrs Gene Harris

Mr & Mrs Henry Harris and Family

Mr Jerry Harris and Family

Ms Margaret Harris

Ms  Heather Hartlerode

Mr & Mrs Wayne L Hartlerode and Joel

Mr & Mrs Wayne Hartlerode and Sarah

Mr Wayne Robin Hartlerode

Billy and Janice Henderson

Mr & Mrs John Henderson

Debbie & Gary Henson

Wayne Hill

Ms Margaret Hines

Ms Carolyn Holmes

Mr & Mrs Elmer Holmes and Wendell

Jaimi Janelle Holmes

Mr & Mrs Rusty  Holmes and Family

Mr  Steve  Holmes

Witt Holmes

Mr & Mrs E J  Hood and Family

Ms Neva Hood

Mr & Mrs Raymond Hood

Mr & Mrs Wendell Hood and Family

Mr & Mrs Garney Hood, Jr and Family

Mr & Mrs Bobby Howard

Mr & Mrs Robert Howard

Faye Huff

James Huff

Jim and Lisa Huff

Ms Earline Hughes

Michael Hull

Ms Nina Hull

Mr & Mrs Bob Hultgren

Lee and Polly Hutchinson

Mark and Anita Nuuja

Mr & Mrs Nelson Jackson

Mr & Mrs David Jenkins

Max Jesperson

Mr & Mrs Gerald  Joyner

Mr & Mrs Homer Juban and Family

Mr & Mrs Rusty  Juban and Family

Cliff & Jean Keller

Melanie Keller & Family

Brian Keller & Family

Jane Kennedy

Mr & Mrs Wesley King

Mr & Mrs Bob Kinsey

Mr & Mrs  Elmer Knabb and Family

Mr & Mrs Sammie LaCarbo and Family

Teresa Lambert

Mr Claude Langham

Mr & Mrs A. L. Leblanc

Mr & Mrs Daniel  Leblanc and Family

Mr & Mrs Johnny  Leblanc and Family

Brian and Sheri LeDet

Dawn  Leonard and Stephanie

Dolores Lewis

Mr & Mrs Arnold Lord and Family

Cheryl Lovett and Family

Mr & Mrs Jeff Lowe and Family

Mr & Mrs Johnny Lucas

Mrs Margo Lucas

Mr & Mrs Olin Lucas

Ms Liz Lynch  and Family

Mr & Mrs Darryl  Mack and Michael

Mr & Mrs Tommy  Maher

Mr & Mrs David  Manning

Ms Drue Martin

Mr & Mrs Donny Mashon

Ms Wendy  Maxwell

Ann Mayfield and family

Ms Jan McAdams and Zach

Ms Terri McAdams and Family

Mr & Mrs Tim  McElderry

Mr & Mrs Destry McFearin

Mr & Mrs Claude Sr McMorris  and Family

Mr & Mrs Mark McMorris

Mr & Mrs Mike  McMorris

Mr & Mrs Val McMorris and Kids

Mr & Mrs Valmon  McMorris

Mr & Mrs Paul Miceli

Mr & Mrs Norman Miller

Mr & Mrs Robert  Miller

Mrs Audrey  Mincey

Mr & Mrs Buddy Mincey and Family

Ms Connie  Mincey and Jordan

Mr & Mrs Branton Moore

Mrs Charmaine Moore

Mr & Mrs Dennis Moore

Mr Jared Moore

Mr Joshua Moore and Lauren

Ms Julia  Moore

Mr & Mrs  Kevin  Moore

Ms Natasha Moore

Dr & Mrs Robin G Moore

Ms Sissy Moore

Mr & Mrs Trent  Moore

Mr William Moore

Mrs Rindy  Morales and Family

Mr Gary  Morris

Mr & Mrs Larry Morris

John Murtes

The Murtes Family

Ms Gayla  Myers

Mr & Mrs Marion  Myers

Ms Yumi Nezu and Family

Mr & Mrs Ricky  Noland and Family

Mr & Mrs Clarence J O'Neal and Family

Mr & Mrs Phil  Ortego and Family

Susie Parker

Barry  Partridge White

Ms Carol Partridge

Mr Stanford Partridge

Mr & Mrs George Payne

Mrs Terri Pebworth and Family

Mrs Jo Ann Penton and Family

Julie Watson Piner and Family

Nina Pitts

Mr & Mrs Johnny Poche

Ms Peggy Poche

Mr & Mrs Johnny Pourciau and Family

Ms Stacy Prine

Mr & Mrs George Provost and Family

Mr & Mrs James Reed

Mr & Mrs Keith Robbins

Mr & Mrs Craig Roberts and Family

Mr & Mrs Jade Robinson and Family

Jim and Jo Lyn Robinson

Mr & Mrs Ronald  Rosevear

Mr & Mrs Ronnie Rosevear and Family

Mr & Mrs Randy Roussell

Mr & Mrs Wes Sandiford

Mr & Mrs Timothy Schenk and Kids

Mr & Mrs Paul Singletary and Lauren

Mr & Mrs Billy  Smith and Family

Mr & Mrs Boyd  Smith

Mr & Mrs Curt Smith and Family

Mr & Mrs David Smith and Family

Mrs Jewel Smith

Mrs Rachel  Smith

Mr & Mrs Russell Smith and Family

Ms Frances  Spurgeon

Ms  Margaret Stafford and Family

Mr & Mrs Frank Stagg

Mrs Pat Starks

Ms Judy Starr and Grace

Mr & Mrs Emile Stevens

Mr & Mrs Jim Stevenson

Mr Ed Stitt

Mr & Mrs  Danny  Strange and Family

Mr & Mrs Alton Sullivan

Mr Dickey Sullivan and Family

Mr & Mrs  Ernest  Tate and Family

Mr & Mrs Michael Thames and Family

Mr & Mrs Samuel Thompson and children

Mr & Mrs James Thurston and Family

Mr & Mrs Rollie  Thurston and Family

Bruce Tollefsen

Mr & Mrs Jim Treadway

Mr & Mrs Myron Turner

Ms Bernice  Vanderpool

Mrs Dorothy Vanderpool

Mr Eddie  Vanderpool

Mr & Mrs Emmett Vanderpool

Mr & Mrs Jerry Vanderpool

Mr & Mrs Joey  Vanderpool and Family

Mr John  Vanderpool and Skyler

Mr & Mrs Johnny  Vanderpool

Mrs  Lily  Vanderpool

Mr & Mrs Philip  Vanderpool and Family

Mr & Mrs Kevin Vernor and Family

Mr & Mrs Bobby Vidrine & Family

Mrs Sharon  Wagner and Family

Jamie  Waldrep and Family

Mr & Mrs David Walker and Family

Mr Jeff Walker and Family

Mr & Mrs Jerry  Walker

Mr & Mrs Keith Walker and Family

Mr & Mrs Bryan Warren

Mr & Mrs John  Warren and Family

Mr & Mrs John Paul Warren and Family

Mr & Mrs Nolan Warren and Family

Mr & Mrs Scott Warren and Family

Mr & Mrs John Warren Jr and Family

Mr & Mrs Brent  Watson and Family

Mr & Mrs Rudolph Watson

Mr Timmy Watson

Mr & Mrs Gay  Wax

Ms  Jean Wax

Ms Katy  Wax and Josh

Mr & Mrs James Weatherford

Kitty Wells

Mr & Mrs Kelly West

Mr & Mrs Jesse  Wheat  and Family

Mr & Mrs Bobby Whiddon

Mr & Mrs Wayne Whiddon and Family

Mr & Mrs Adam White

Mrs Mary  Whitney

Ms Dedra Wiley

Mr & Mrs Jerome  Wiley

Mr & Mrs John G Wiley

Mr & Mrs  John Michael Wiley

Mr & Mrs Harley Willard

Ms Catherine  Wilson and Family

Sarah Wilson

Mr & Mrs Jon Eric Woodward & Family

Mr & Mrs Dennis  Wright

Julie Zabawa and Jason

Mr & Mrs Mack  Zachary