On-Site Recreation at the Pine Lodge Cabin:

*450 wooded acres with many miles of hiking/mountain biking trails - bicycles not
       provided.  To avoid erosion, motorized vehicles prohibited on trails.  One of the
       trails has an historic Native American bluff dwelling and wet weather waterfall.

*Outdoor patio with fire pit unless county burn bans are on.
*Second outdoor patio with chimenea – okay with burn ban.
*An outside concrete basketball court – balls provided.

Recreation at Pine Lodge Cabin Pine Cone Cabin on a hiking trail

*Horseshoe throwing area – horseshoes provided.
*Rappelling bluffs - bring your own equipment.
*Grass volleyball court - ball provided.
*Inside ping pong and pool tables.
*Tether ball and pole
*Badminton court
*Croquet set
*Disc golf targets
*Pickle ball (on request)

Off-Site Attractions:

There are many things to do and beautiful sights to see in Northwest Arkansas.
  Whether, it is hiking, biking, canoeing, or antiquing, you can find many suggestions
at the following excellent web sites:


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