(hard copies are provided at the lodge)

Pine Lodge Cabin, located on 450 acres in the Arkansas Ozark mountains, was originally the family home of Robin and Ruth Moore.  Now, it is a family lodge for their descendants and it is owned by Aremores, LLC, whose members are also descendants.  Therefore, the furnishings and décor are primarily personal family property.  Weekend guests are invited to browse and enjoy during their stay.  Pine Lodge is a tobacco free facility.  Guests may use tobacco outside but please leave no trace.

There are two levels with a total area of about 3600 sq. ft.  The upper level also includes an upper loft (crow’s nest), usually a hit with older children.  The upper level is basically one big room with large windows all around to take in the beauty of the surroundings and includes the kitchen, dining, and lounging areas as well as one half bathroom.  The lower level is below ground level to take advantage of earthen temperatures and includes 3 bedrooms, two full baths, laundry, utilities and a library.  The entire building has a concrete walkway around it that is covered by a 7 foot roof extension. Attached is an Efficiency Apartment w/full bath that sleeps 3 guests.

There are two central heating systems – a wood furnace and a propane furnace.  Both systems heat the entire house.  Guests will always use the propane furnace.  Family members may use either furnace if they have had experience with the wood furnace.  All thermostats are on the upper level near the spiral stairs.  Recommended settings: Heat – 72F, Cool – 76F
There is one central air conditioning system.  It only cools the upper level.  The lower level does not require cooling due to earthen cooling; however, there are dehumidifiers on the lower level that may require emptying (red light on) occasionally during hot humid summer days.

There is a 40 inch flat screen HD TV in the lounge area powered by Dish satellite.
There is a 6 ft. HDMI cable connected to the TV for computer or other devices. A DVD/VHS player is a connected to the TV (AV input)
Please restrict WIFI (Hughes satellite) use to search and email w/o attachments (such as pictures) to minimize multiple users from being dropped. No online gaming. Thanks!
4G Cell phone reception is marginal and sporatic but texting is usually good. So, Hughes satellite phone service is provided if required.

There is a fire extinguisher located in the kitchen area.
There is a microwave oven and toaster in addition to the range. 
Other electric items are: skillet, griddle, roaster, crock pot, rice cooker, mixer, and knife.
There is a coffee maker on the counter with coffee and fixings.
There is a 28 pound per day icemaker with directions taped on the top.   Please unplug when not in use.
A Compost receptacle is provided for peelings, rinds and table scraps.
Please keep aluminum cans and metal cans separated for recycling (receptacles provided).
Put all other trash in the designated trash receptacles.  Extra plastic bags are under the sink.
Place full trash bags in metal garbage cans in the game room.
The dishwasher has instructions on top of the door.
There is a hot water dispenser at the sink which gives very hot water.
There is a 3 burner gas Bar-B-Q grill available on the carport.
The corner closet adjacent to the kitchen has shelves for storage of your food items. 
There are table cloths and place mats in the cabinets in the dining room.
Cleaning aids are under the kitchen sink. 
The front entrance corner closet has a vacuum cleaner, brooms and mop for emergency cleanup as well as a first aid kit and flashlight.

BEDROOMS AND BATHROOMS: (Additional sleeping for three in the Efficiency Apartment - see below)
There are two full bathrooms downstairs and a half bathroom upstairs.
Three bedrooms are downstairs. The East bedroom has a king bed and a twin bed.
The West bedroom has a queen bed and a twin bed.
The third bedroom has three full beds and one twin bed.
The crow’s nest up the spiral stairs has sleeping benches for 4 (no linen - sleeping bags best).
Please observe signs about conservative water usage in the bathrooms. The water heater is large (50 gal.) but large groups should stagger short showers to assure hot water for all.
Extra sheets, blankets, and quilts are in the closets and laundry room.
Leave all used beds unmade and put used towels under the counter in the Laundry room.

Washer and dryer are available as well as an iron and ironing board. Detergent is in the cabinet.  Clean the dryer vent filter screen before each use and use the washer cold water setting.

Outdoor chair cushions are in the storage bin on the patio.  Return to bin in case of rain.
The chimnea on the patio has wood in the storage cabinet near the front door.
The large fire pit on the patio outside the kitchen should be used with caution. Wood is stacked nearby.
Obey Newton County BURN-BAN orders when so alerted.
The switch for the patio water fountain is around the outside back corner of the Efficiency Apartment.

A horseshoe throwing area - horseshoes provided.
A concrete basketball court – balls provided.
Grass volleyball and badminton courts – ball, racquets, and shuttlecocks provided.
Three disk golf baskets and pickle ball (will setup on request)
A tether ball and pole.  A complete croquet set.
Miscellaneous balls will be available in the game room.  All balls must be used far away (basketball court and beyond) from windows (house and vehicles) to prevent accidental breakage.
Several miles of hiking and/or mountain biking trails (see trail map in top left hand drawer in kitchen).  Orange safety vests are available in the front door closet for hiking during deer or turkey hunting seasons.  The property is posted but it is better to take precautions anyway.  Four wheelers and trail motorbikes are not allowed on trails (only allowed on gravelled surfaces).  Mountain bikes okay but not provided.
A former Native American bluff cave and wet weather waterfall.
Rappelling bluffs – bring your own equipment.
Canoeing, kayaking and rafting on the nearby (9 miles to Ponca) Buffalo National River.

Whenever outdoors, common sense precautions should be taken against typical Arkansas wildlife including moccasin, copperhead, and rattle snakes; ticks, chiggers, black widow, and brown recluse spiders; mosquitos, wasps, bees, and yellow jackets; black bears, feral hogs, and big cats.  Most of these critters are seasonal, making their appearance primarily in summer months.  When hiking always watch for overhead dead tree limbs that could possibly fall (especially if windy).

Includes pool and ping pong tables, nordic track and bicycle machine.

Only available for large groups.
One double bed and one single hide-a-bed.
Full bath (small hot water heater), refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker, eating utensils, TV, Wi-Fi (see Electronics/Communications above), and climate control.

One covered carport with covered walkway to the lodge.  Ample passenger vehicle parking (including pickups) for the guest capacity of 16.  Follow Host's instructions for designated trailer parking.

The lodge is not considered handicapped accessible.

No Pets. ($30.00/day cash cleaning fee for violation)

Electric breaker box is under the stairway to the lower level
Main water valve is also under the stairway to the lower level
Propane gas may be blocked by a valve in the furnace room or at the tank outside.
Both upstairs and downstairs there is a smoke alarm and a CO alarm.  Push button to disarm if activated inadvertently.
Alert Managers to any problems.

There is a first aid kit in the corner closet next to the front door entrance.

Managers Phone: 870 420-3227 h, 870 416-8182 c or come to Check-In residence
Newton County Sheriff: 870 446 5124
North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison, AR is the nearest hospital with ER: 870 414-4000 1
Lodge: 870 420-3034 522 Newton 1355 Rd, Compton, Arkansas 72624 in Newton County
For air lift (very expensive) the GPS coordinates are (36.040791, -93.423371)
There is a fire extinguisher located in the kitchen, in the furnace room downstairs and near the Bar-B-Q.

Remember that when you (the guest) booked with your booking company you were agreeing to a Waiver of Liability declaring that you will not hold Aremores, LLC, any of its members, or the managers of Pine Lodge liable for any accident or medical incident that occurs to any of the guests in your party during your stay at Pine Lodge and its premises.  Additionally, you agreed to accept charges for damages (repair and extra cleaning beyond normal maintenance) caused by any of the guests in your party.

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